Cedar Router

Company Overview

Cedar Router specializes in 5G aggregation router devices, utilizing proprietary technology to unify multiple 5G cards’ networks. Our focus is on delivering a stable network for diverse outdoor live streaming activities.

Committed to revolutionizing outdoor live streaming, we pioneer 5G aggregation technology to offer a reliable, uninterrupted network, empowering various outdoor streaming endeavors.

Our expertise lies in cutting-edge 5G aggregation routers tailored for outdoor use. These routers seamlessly combine multiple 5G card networks, ensuring robust, consistent connectivity.

Looking forward, Cedar Router remains dedicated to innovation, aiming to further enhance aggregation technology and serve global outdoor live streaming needs.

What C3 Can Do?


Bandwidth bonding combines data at the packet level, allowing you to aggregate the speed of multiple connections. This is particularly useful in bandwidth-scarce situations, such as at remote sites or in moving vehicles. The technology also enables branches to connect to headquarters at higher speeds.

Forward Error
Correction (FEC)

FEC is designed to provide packet loss protection while minimizing bandwidth consumption. When WAN replicates actual packets smoothly, FEC sends additional reserved packets that can be used to mitigate the impact of packet loss through interpolation.

Data Traffic
Control Selection

Modern networks carry various types of traffic, such as video streams, ERP sessions, HTTP sessions, etc. Depending on your deployment, you may need to prioritize certain types of traffic while limiting or even blocking other traffic. C3 allows you to control the transmission of different types of traffic in your network.

Local Area Network
(LAN) Networking

In real-world work environments, there is often a need to access remote data, such as live broadcasting and remote offices. This technology seamlessly combines networks from different LANs.


This technology allows customers to set up their own cloud space, making it convenient for access anytime, anywhere, and facilitating file sharing within the enterprise.

What C3 Can Do?

What is Cedar 5G Multi-SIM Aggregation Router?

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